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The Flower Chain

One of the driving forces behind The Flower Bank has always been the massive waste within the industry and making an environmental difference, which lies at the heart of our ethos. As the world around us embraces its green credentials, it is heartening to be working with such a wide range of industries, companies and organisations that are all contributing to the broader vision of less waste and affordable flowers for all. 

As the Flower Bank has grown, so has the width of places we source our flowers from, including corporate events and business dinners, fashion shoots and film sets, supermarkets, fabulous weddings and private garden parties, and fellow florists the list really is endless. The breath of sources grows weekly and always delights and amazes me, for which we are incredibly grateful. 

So, where do all these donated flowers end up?  Tonight these beautiful flowers may have adorned the tables of a dinner for high-powered business professionals, and tomorrow they could be walking down the aisle in the hand of a smiling bride. Likewise, they may form part of a wellbeing workshop with older people or people with Dementia, where just like the effects of music, flowers evoke lost memories of times gone because of their colour, scent, or simply because it may have been a childhood favourite. Our flowers often make their way into funeral tributes for people who struggle financially with the unexpected costs at a time where they are emotionally drained.  They end up at charity dinners and social events or as birthday, anniversary and thank you bouquets, or lastly they may become part of  a flower-bombing session, where we drop a beautiful bouquet on a park bench, a wall or even at a bus stop, with a little note instructing the finder to take the bouquet home and enjoy the beautiful flowers.  

If you would like to donate some flowers to us, please get in touch here

Here are a list of just some of the amazing organisations that we have worked with to *date:


Brent Cross,



Crescent Petroleum,

Floral Circus,



Marks and Spencers,

Sue Arran Flowers

The Lanesborough, 

Warner Brothers,

* This is not an exhaustive list, which changes often and we are grateful for every stem, thank you. 


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