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Our Advisory Board


Appointed September 2017

Brian Beaton

Brian is passionate about supporting and enabling people to connect with their individuality and discover their creativity and self-motivation.  Brian has supported, coached and trained people of various ages for many years.  The Flower Bank is a fantastic way to bring focus, happiness and great energy into people's lives.


Appointed September 2017

Caroline Boyle 

Caroline has been immersed in the world of horticulture for the past 30 years.  She leads an in Bloom Group with its own community garden and programme for young people, takes part in the Open Gardens Scheme and has won an RHS Medal for garden design.  She is also a ceramicist making pots for the outdoors and a Trustee of Take a Pride in Perthshire.



Appointed September 2017

Jelena Hill

Jelena has worked within Haringey's Youth Justice Service for over 12 years.  She has a passion for exploring young people's hidden talents which she helps them showcase in a variety of reparation projects.  Jelena is a people person and is very passionate about her job and the families she works with. 

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Appointed September 2017

Chris Bentil

Chris has more than 25 years of professional experience in HMRC.  He is passionate about social justice, alleviating poverty and making a difference,  In his personal life, he is part of a fundraising committee that sends much-needed books and equipment to schools in Ghana.


Appointed September 2017

Janine Coke

Janine has worked with young people for the past 10 years helping and supporting them to make positive changes in their lives.  Her understanding of the challenges they face allows her to see the importance of being able to express themselves in an innovative way.  The Flower Bank helps to provide them with a sense of pride and a feeling of achievement in themselves.


Appointed September 2017

Andrew Tuckett

Andrew is a Chartered Accountant and works for an investment management firm in the City of London.  With strongly held views on the environment and sustainability, he was attracted to join the Board of Trustees by the Flower Bank's innovative combination of recycling and community support.  

"The Flower Bank is using the beauty of nature to positively change lives and inspire joyful thought and general wellbeing and I am delighted to be involved with this organisation"

Brian Beaton, Trustee

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