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The Flower Bank is about bringing joy and beauty into the lives of people who can least afford it, whilst working with flower suppliers and retailers to reduce flower waste and to find an alternative use for flowers that would otherwise be discarded.  We weed out unusable material and with a bit of expert alchemy turn these into beautiful gifts for disadvantaged sectors of the community.


Since January 2017 young offenders from Haringey have been helping me to create and deliver weekly designs for care homes, day centres and community buildings in North London.  I have now started working with Barnet young offenders replicating  the scheme - but I propose to work more intergenerationally with Barnet's young people involving them in the work at day centres.

After much hard work the cutting garden in N15 that we've created with the young offenders has exploded with colour and life - and we are growing herbs and flowers.  Our aim this year is for the young people to enter a few of the categories in Tottenham's annual flower and produce show.  We have more ambitious plans for next year.

I run a number of flower clubs at residential homes and day centres in Barnet and Haringey. The residents love "the flower lady" and enjoy our activities and visits.  Where we are able we like to take the young people along to help with these sessions.

This journey started at my kitchen table, and we have been humbled by the support we have received and are excited to be taking these next steps with you all. Thank you.

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"I chose The Flower Bank to create the wreaths because Ursula demonstrates ingenuity in how she sources and uses the materials for the job, such as the flowers.  Ursula listened to what I wanted and worked successfully to produce something that was pleasing to see.  I would highly recommend The Flower Bank and Ursula's services." 

Trish DaCosta-Solomon

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